VPS/is System Administration

Course Duration: 3 Days

The VPS/is System Administration course is designed for persons who are responsible for the daily operation and monitoring of the VPS/is system. 

By the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • List the major features of the VPS/is

  • Locate and Describe the functions of major assemblies

  • Perform basic Solaris and Windows commands

  • Describe the Application Cycle

  • Use the MPS Manager (PeriView) tools

  • MPS Manager (PeriView) users and groups

  • Use and execute commands in the V-Shell and DLT Shell

  • Load, Unload and Status Multimedia files

  • Assign, Start, Un-assign and Terminate Call Processing Applications

  • Locate and understand MPS Alarms

  • Perform Span Status

  • Perform Phone Line Status

  • Perform Host Status

  • Perform Shutdown and Restart procedures

  • Perform a backup ( non-mirrored systems )

  • Monitor external resources if applicable (IPML, OSCAR)


  • None

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