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  • MPS 2.1 was released in Sept 2007. EOL was announced Sept 2010, being replaced by MPS 3.0 which became available in 2008 and had a scheduled EOL date of Dec 2012. It was replaced by MPS 3.5.

  • MPS 3.5 was released in Aug 2010. The EOS date is slated for June 2015 with an EOL date of June 2020. MPS 3.5 will be replaced by MPS 4.1.

  • MPS 4.1 was released in July 2013 and is the current supported version, with significant improvements over MPS 3.5. There have not been any announcements for EOS or EOL for MPS 4.1 as of Nov 2014. Read more.

  • Avaya Aura┬« Experience Portal provides a single point of orchestration for all automated voice and multimedia applications, and supports SIP, IP, TDM, or mixed environments. Read more.

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