MPS 500 Application Development - MPS Developer (PeriProducer)

Course Duration: 4 Days

The MPS 500 Application Development - MPS Developer (PeriProducer) course is an introductory course that will cover the following functionality in detail, with ample student programming exercises that use pre-recorded vocabulary after each module:

·        Introduction to the MPS 500

·        Introduction to MPS Developer

·        Configuration files & directory Overview

·        MPS Commands and the V-Shell

·        Next to Phone Operations - transfers and out dial add (originate block)

·        Application Management(Appman/Tappman)

·        Answer call

·        Creating a menu - tree structure (Select block)

·        Storing caller entered data and data length (Read block)

·        Error handling (Handle block)

·        Performing computation and assignments (Compute block)

·        Performing logical decision-making (Switch block - "if / else")

·        Modularization of PeriProducer code (Containers)

·        Creating subroutines and passing parameters

·        Phone Operations - transfers and out dial

·        Setting timers from PeriProducer (Environment block)

·        Generating application alarms

·        Text file access

·        ZAP- vocabulary administration

·        Debugging:

·        Display Messages

·        PeriGEM - Testing in Simulated mode

·        PeriGEM - Testing in Real mode thru MPS Developer

·        Using Application Management Utility (AMU) for production debugging

·        Alarm.Log

Students will meet 1:1 with an Application Developer on the last day of class to review their specific application. (Students should be reminded to bring their own code for this personalized session).

The basic programming techniques are covered in this class. Students will require additional training prior to making changes to their applications. We recommend that companies who desire their employee to be proficient with their applications as well as make changes, take advantage of our help desk offer which provides one on one coaching. The minimum help desk level is 50 hours.

Please contact us for full course descriptions and to develop an agenda tailored to your company's requirements.