Speech Recognition

M&C Associates Advanced Speech Processing team includes highly qualified speech recognition professionals with the skills and experience required to deliver successful speech enabled solutions. M&C has unmatched expertise in speech recognition solution deployment, offering speech algorithms, speech deployment tools, complete applications project management, training, installation, ongoing maintenance and enhancement services — and Avaya Speech Server, a media server optimized for advanced speech technology.

Experience has shown that enterprises who receive large volumes of customer inquiries should consider speech‐enabled IVR solution. 

Speech enabled applications can dramatically enhance customer service levels while realizing significant benefits for your organization.  With speech recogntion, your callers perceive higher satisfaction because they are able to accomplish more in less time while using a more natural method of communication.

There are a number of business drivers for speech technology:

  • Callers have trouble navigating your menus and frequently choose to speak with an agent instead

  • Your touchtone application has not been accepted by as many customers as you would like

  • You want to provide customers with additional services that are friendlier and easier to use than the competitors' services 

  • You want to offload more complex transactions to self-service to increase agent productivity and reduce your operating costs

  • Make self-service transactions more secure to encourage more of callers to use the application

  • Call duration and network costs need to be reduced and transaction volume needs to increase

Avaya Speech Server

The Avaya Speech Server (formerly known as OSCAR) is a state-of-the-art speech processing platform that integrates popular speech technologies into the Media Processing Server (MPS) Series portfolio. Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Text-to-Speech and Speaker Verification are time-tested tools that can improve customer service and reduce operating expenses. Avaya has partnered with global leaders in speech technology to enhance our market-leading self service and media processing systems and, going beyond Text-to-Speech, we have developed an Internet Audio Server engine that supports playback of Internet audio files such as .wav, .mp3 and .au from web URLs.

The Nortel MPS platform supports speech processing as an open shared resource and is based on an open client environment using UNIX and Windows. Providing multifunction capabilities, our speech servers are accessed in a seamless manner by applications within our VXML environment and within our GUI service creation environment, Avaya MPS Developer.

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