Media Processing Server 500 (MPS 500) System Administration

Course Duration: 3 Days

The Media Processing Server 500 (MPS 500) System Administration course is designed for persons who are responsible for the daily operation and monitoring of the MPS system.

By the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • List the major features of the MPS-500

  • Locate and Describe the functions of major assemblies

  • Perform basic Solaris and Windows commands

  • Describe the Application Cycle

  • Use the MPS Manager (PeriView) tools

  • MPS Manager (PeriView) users and groups

  • Use and execute commands in the V-Shell and DLT Shell

  • Load, Unload and Status Multimedia files

  • Assign, Start, Un-assign and Terminate Call Processing Applications

  • Locate and understand MPS Alarms

  • Perform Span Status

  • Perform Phone Line Status

  • Perform Host Status

  • Perform Shutdown and Restart procedures

  • Perform a backup ( non-mirrored systems )

  • Monitor external resources if applicable (IPML, OSCAR)

Prerequisites: None

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