VoiceXML for Software Developers

Course Duration: 4 Days

VXML and CCXML Application Development for Media Processing Server (MPS) Release 3.0 (6998C) provides training on the installation,configuration, monitoring, and programming of Voice XML (VXML) and Call Control XML (CCXML) on the Nortel Media Processing Server (MPS) platform.

Students will learn about the architecture, implementation, and integration of VXML and CCXML in the MPS environment. 

Covered Topics:

  • Create VXML documents and modules

  • Create CCXML appllications

  • SCE 1.0


  • 7938C MPS Manager for MPS 1000 and MPS 500 Release 3.0 (Nortel)

  • Experienced programmers with a background in procedural languages.

  • Basic knowledge of the Nortel MPS environment and MPS Manager is required.

  • MPS Developer programming experience is useful, but not required.

  • Students should also have some familiarity with the XML/VXML languages and specifications.

Please contact us for full course descriptions and to develop an agenda tailored to your company's requirements.