OS Hardening- MPS and VPS/is

Safeguarding information and protecting the integrity of your network and systems are vital to your business. IT security professionals in many companies have established policies applicable to their entire organization, but it may be up to individual departments that manage the systems to implement security in accordance with these policies. Security professionals recognize the need for flexibility when it comes to implementation, due to the unique requirements of each department.

M&C Associates also recognizes that flexibility is essential when it comes to implementing security for your MPS and VPS/is systems. Every environment is different, from the method of remote system access to daily system operations.

M&C Associates has developed an OS Hardening security package for the MPS and VPS/is which addresses the essential requirements of typical enterprise OS security policies. The OS Hardening package can be implemented in its entirety as defined by M&C, or our security team can review and analyze your specific requirements and customize the specification and implementation. The OS Hardening package addresses the following areas:


   Authentication and Authorization


   Audit Trails

   Network    Services

   System Services

   OS    configuration




The M&C Associates OS Hardening package includes documentation, implementation and

testing in your environment. The documentation is a detailed specification of the security

implementation on the MPS and VPS/is. This documentation can be passed directly to your

organization's security team for their verification of conformity to security policies, or can

serve as a foundation for a customized security implementation.

Please contact us for complete details regarding M&C Associates MPS and VPS/is OS Hardening package.