Help Desk

When updating, enhancing, or developing IVR applications, programmers and technicians sometimes require extra help that M&C experts can provide. Whether it's help designing, debugging, or managing complete projects or systems, we provide the necessary assistance. We also help with system administration tasks and application troubleshooting when required.

These services are specifically designed to support PeriProducer (MPS Developer) and VoiceXML Programmers while developing applications, and System Administrators while troubleshooting and managing their systems. We can help with:

• Translation of business needs into application specifications
• Application design
• Call Flow diagrams
• Application programming and debugging
• Development testing and production testing
• System documentation
• Project management
• System administration

    Blocks of 25 hours or more can be pre-purchased and used as needed to acquire support for any of the above services. Each block of hours is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

    Contact us today to begin taking advantage of our Help Desk services.