Security Audit Services

Security Audit Services Investigate Vulnerabilities

Preventative measures ensure data
 and business is not compromised

Security Audit Services take preventative measures to ensure that business-critical and confidential data is not compromised.  This service is available to anyone with an installed Avaya MPS IVR, Avaya Experience Portal - AAEP, or Avaya Contact Center - AACC, on a scheduled basis: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual basis depending on the customer's needs.  

Customer supplied Security scans are investigated for vulnerabilities to minimize the effects of adverse changes on server and security configurations.  Systems will be protected from loss of data interruption, while adhering to compliance regulations. 

Security audits are necessary because security scans produce huge amounts of data that requires reviewing and understanding—completed by experts with the ability to determine what is considered a vulnerability, and then how to fix it.  The data may also report potential problems where no real issue exists. 

Tier 1 Security Audit Service

Tier 1 security audit service provides an evaluation of the security scan report of vulnerabilities provided by the customer, and provides recommended patch solutions to the customer for the Avaya MPS IVR, Avaya Experience Portal - AAEP, and Avaya Contact Center - AACC.  These recommended patch solutions will then be provided in a report.  In Tier 1, the installation of the patches is the customers' responsibility. 

Tier 2 Security Audit Service

With Tier 2 security audit service M&C takes the security scan report of vulnerabilities, which is provided by the customer, evaluates the security scan report of vulnerabilities, and provides recommended patch solutions. M&C installs the recommended patch solutions for the customer on their Avaya MPS, AAEP, or AACC.

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