Nortel VPS Series

As an authorized and certified Nortel (now Avaya) reseller with extensive experience in VPS system deployments, we can provide a complete range of services that can extend the operational life of your VPS system.

We can: VPS

  • • Support and maintain VPS/is systems until 2020 - 13 years beyond Nortel's announced VPS end-of-life support.

  • • Change or add new MPS Developer (PeriProducer) application.

  • • Provide Recording and Digitalization services for your new or existing application.

  • • Provide consultative services to assess your current IVR deployment and provide you with recommended migration strategies based on your business requirements.

  • • Upgrade your VPS/is system(s) or add additional capacity when needed.

Contact us today to begin taking advantage of the services we can provide for your VPS system.