IVR System & Application Monitoring

We'll watch your IVR system, so you don't have to.

iProWatch is an intelligent, comprehensive, and proactive IVR platform and application monitoring service.  The service is designed to reduce downtime and improve end-user experience, by periodically checking all hardware, software and custom application functions to ensure proper system operation.

The iProWatch runtime engine is written in the Perl programming language, and is easily configurable to monitor any custom application, database, or log files, as well as standard IVR system processes and logs. Alerts are delivered via e-mail, text message, and telephony to M&C Associates support staff upon detection. Tests are performed at 15 minute intervals, by default, to provide a high level of protection against outages, alarms, errors or failures.

iProWatch Premium features include, but not limited to:

  • • Completely configurable to your environment, including time interval of checking, types of checks, severity level notification and email addresses to notify.
  • • Monitors IVR system processes to ensure IVR is functional.
  • • Check remote systems for network connectivity.
  • • Can regularly check system logs to identify specific types of errors.
  • • Speech server monitoring to ensure all channels and resource pools are available.
  • • Check local and remote databases for availability and consistency.
  • • Check system alarm logs to ensure hardware and software processes are functioning properly.
  • • Monitor local disk and CPU capacity.
  • • Verify telephony path thru call center to IVR, and optionally to monitor application call flow and host/database response.
  • • Examine vocabulary files and audio prompts for accuracy and usage, to reduce unneeded or duplicate items.
  • • Quarterly software updates to provide enhanced functionality, at no additional charge.

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