Voice User Interface Design (VUI)

As technology evolves, how we interact with technology is a constant challenge.  For self service technology, where callers have been constrained in the past with interacting via a 12-button telephone keypad, speech recognition allows for conversational voice user interfaces that open the possibilities of self-service solutions.

We can design solutions to explicitly guide the caller thru the required business processes. However, the conversational elements that callers have refined since childhood still play an integral part in the verbal interaction between and caller and an automated solution. Expertise in human factors, linguistics, and industrial psychology are required in designing a voice user interface that enables callers to intuitively complete their tasks in a self-service manner. 

The Voice User Interface (VUI) design is a process in translating business requirements into an interface that is both useful and usable to callers accessing the solution. It takes into account both the callers' goals and motivations for customer service and the business' processes and requirements that drive their daily operations. Balancing business goals and caller goals is the key to a cost-effective and usable VUI design.

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