Grammar Development

Businesses want to ensure that their self service applications are usable and effective for their callers. They want to optimize the caller experience and know that their system is not unnecessarily transferring callers to live agents--thus tying up valuable resources to perform transactions that could be handled without human involvement--or worse that callers end up trapped in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application and hang up.

With carefully crafted grammars, callers will be successful at completing their inquiries and transactions using the self service system.

M&C Associates will:

  • Extract the grammar requirements needed to support each dialog state from the VUI design or similar document and create optimized recognition grammars based on industry best practices

  • Where grammars already exist, we will analyze the customer's current grammars and implement best practices to optimize them

  • If appropriate, create a custom phonetic recognition lexicon for challenging recognition tasks

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