Do you have a legacy IVR system that you're interested in getting current?

There are many challenges and limitations with older IVR platforms and applications:

  • Lack of flexibility to adapt quickly to business needs

  • Laborious integration into current business processes

  • High maintenance and support costs

  • Risk for business continuity because of no longer supported hardware platform or software

  • Should the system have a fatal failure, it could take a customer months just to recreate the requirements document for what they think they have. This is a large risk factor for the business and can help justify the cost of rewriting the application.

  • Outdated voice applications cause customer frustration 

Advancements in self service technologies such as speech recognition, VoIP, SIP, and VoiceXML have reinvented self-service. Today's IVR systems are much more efficient and user friendly - improving customer acceptance and opening up new application and revenue possibilities - and run in a resilient, secure, and open standards environment.

For more information about migration paths, please identify your current IVR platform?

If you have any other IVR platform and need help in determining which migration path is optimal for your company, contact us today for an assessment of your current IVR infrastructure. We'll help you determine what migration path is best for your organization.