Orchestration Designer Application Development

Course Duration

40 Hours

Maximum Number of Students Per Class


Course Description

The Orchestration Designer Application Development course for the Experience portal will cover the following topics: OD main functionalities such as: prompts, grammars and menus definitions, event handlers, use of subflows and reusable modules, and application simulator. The course also contains hands on for coding, testing and troubleshooting.

Overview of Voice Portal Architecture

Application Server Review

Overview of Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer

Orchestration Designer and Eclipse Workbench (views, workspace and perspective)

Basic Voice XML Call Flow Features

Languages, prompts, phrases and grammars management

Design and deployment cycle

Event Handlers     

Prompts specifics


Application server installation

Understanding app logs

Applications Debugging


Subflows vs modules

OD modules interaction

CTI Integration

Java Servlets

Making applications configurable


Hands on


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