Interactive Voice Response System

Just as most other technologies have evolved within the growing technical landscape, so has interactive voice response software (IVR). When most people think of IVR, they think of pre-recorded voice prompts that provide various options for callers by pressing touch tone keypad entries. But, modern applications of IVR are much more savvy and include advances such as increased interaction and voice recognition, designed to maximize efficiency and customer service satisfaction.

A Modern IVR System Improves Your Customer Experience

The ways in which your customers communicate is changing and the expectation of efficiency and immediate retrieval of information is critical to customer retention. Interactive voice response systems allow users to easily access information on the go, such as account balances, transportation schedules, order tracking, appointment information and virtually any static data from their telephones. Placing outbound calls is also a useful function of modern IVR solutions to assist with gathering information that is then converted to actionable data. Businesses can expect to receive the following benefits from modern IVR software systems implemented by M&C Associates:

- Improved caller satisfaction.
- Increased efficiency with fewer employees.
- Reduced wait time.
- Improved use of human customer involvement.

How Can We Help?

Interactive Voice Response System

Effectively implementing an IVR system means having a thorough understanding of the needs of your customer base. M&C Associates is committed to assisting our clients with an analysis of customer needs in order to provide the appropriate solutions. We help our clients to understand how their clients communicate, what their expectations are, and data about customer calling behaviors before customizing an IVR package.

Once our specialists implement a client's IVR software solution and it is fully integrated, we ensure its future success by recommending follow up measures to our clients such as continuous call monitoring, regular efficiency evaluating, and periodic reevaluations of customer needs.

A premier provider of IVR, Speech and CTI solutions to enterprises, government agencies, and service providers across the United States and Canada, M&C Associates has over 25 years of experience in modern IVR systems.

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