Interactive Voice Response SolutionsInteractive Voice Response Solutions

When many people think of interactive voice response solutions (IVR), they recall pre-recorded voice prompts and menus. Streamlining customer service response and quickly routing callers to the correct department was the original purpose of early IVR solutions. Modern IVR software functions with many more features, enabling input and responses to be gathered through the use of language with voice recognition.

How Does Modern IVR Software Function?

Advances in IVR software allow users to retrieve static information such as account balances, transportation schedules, order status, event information, and more from the convenience of any telephone. Modern IVR solutions are now being utilized to place outbound calls for the purpose of collecting information. The information can be interpreted by the system and entered as data and routed to the appropriate location for processing.

How Can This Benefit Your Business?

Interactive Voice Response Software, when applied to your business, provides value in the following ways:

  • Improved customer service and caller satisfaction by offering a streamlined system.
  • Reduced need for additional employees when handling calls.
  • Reduced wait times and ease of system navigation.
  • Efficient use of existing staff to address complex issues, rather than handle calls.
  • Reduced overhead by reducing human involvement for requests for static information.

A primary goal of any business is to improve customer satisfaction. Implementing automation by streamlined access to customer data not only frees up employees, but accommodates customers within an efficient manner that consumers have come to expect. Transitioning customer interactions to email, social media, and text messaging are also part of IVR solutions and have all become acceptable forms of communicating information to customers.

M&C's IVR Optimization services are designed to assist your enterprise with optimizing usability and overall performance of your Interactive Voice Response system. A complete analysis of your business IVR call flow and customer behaviors will be conducted in order to understand customer behavior and where breakdowns are occuring. M&C will provide a comprehensive business analysis of your current IVR application and will provide suggestions for optimization.