Interactive Voice Response Software

Historically, interactive voice response (IVR) software was designed to use pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to introduce several options to callers in an effort to streamline customer service response. Touch-tone keypad entries were used to gather responses to the recordings. Modern IVR software functions by enabling input and responses to be gathered through the use of language with voice recognition.

What Are the Benefits of Modern IVR Software?

IVR software allows users to easily retrieve static information such as account balances, transportation schedules, order status, and more from any telephone. Modern IVR solutions are being used to place outbound calls to collect information for various functions and the information is then interpreted by the system and entered as data.

Interactive Voice Response Software, when implemented correctly, provides value to businesses in the following ways:

- Increases caller satisfaction by offering a streamlined system.
- Improves efficiency by increasing the number of calls handled without additional employees.
- Reduces hold times significantly.
- Enables existing staff to address complex issues.
- Reduces overhead by limiting human involvement for transactional calls.


Meeting Customer Needs is KeyInteractive Voice Response Software

Implementing automation by providing instant data access to customers not only frees up employees, but delivers the experience to the customer that they expect. Communications with customers is continuously evolving and the most effective communication is the kind that they want. Email, social media and text messaging have all become acceptable forms of communicating information and providing access through these forms may lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Analyzing call flow and thoroughly understanding your customers' calling behaviors will assist with establishing the appropriate IVR software suited to your business needs. Considering where and why callers are opting out of your current system will provide helpful information for setting up your modern interactive voice response software.

Once the IVR software solution is fully integrated with your current systems, it is important to continuously monitor customer satisfaction by listening in on calls, evaluating IVR performance regularly, and identifying new and better ways to automate calls, as customer needs evolve. All of these tasks can be accomplished through a modern IVR package.