Contact Center Solutions

You may not think your customers will notice whether you have the latest contact center technology, but they will notice the service the receive. Utilizing the most up-to-date contact center technology ensures that customers have shorter hold times, fewer transfers and can connect to the right person, the first time. Customer complaints about contact centers are one of the most frequent business complaints received. By ensuring your system is intuitive and user-friendly, your company can exceed the expectations of customers and provide first-call resolution without breaking the budget or having to invest into expensive and time-consuming training.

M&C Associate Solutions Contact Center Solutions

M & C Associates provides tailored contact center services to any industry, any size business. Whether your call volume is tiny or thousands, M & C Associates can design, deliver and install custom contact center solutions with innovative technology and user-friendly software. Our workshops and training courses ensure your agents can be up and running on day one with efficiency and minimal downtime for your clients.

Utilizing The Latest Contact Center Technology

By selecting only the most effective Nortel, Avaya and Symposium options, M & C Associates can deliver key data on agent performance, call volume, service level and data comparison. With administrative and supervisor level support, key performance indicators can be monitored and utilized to allow your business to be responsive to changing conditions. Comprehensive contact center systems allow you to recognize and reward your best agents and reduce overhead from those under-performing.

With security an ever-growing concern, M & C Associates can help your business improve your existing contact center or install a newer, more secure system to provide you and your customers with peace of mind. M & C Associates offers upgrading of older legacy systems and can even migrate your entire platform to be better performing option.

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Budgets are tight and contact centers are under continued pressure to provide a return on investment. Selecting the right contact center solutions for your business with the help of M & C Associates can make you a customer service hero. Make the choice hundreds of businesses trust, call M & C Associates for an evaluation of your existing system and a personalized plan for upgrade or replacement.