M&C - We Are Moving


We are very excited to announce that M&C Associates Headquarters is moving to a new location! Less than 7 miles from our current location is Hauppauge; a Long Island business hub buzzing with life and activity. Here is where our new office is located — a modern building with many windows and a nature walk. It is a productive environment filled with potential to keep us fresh, current and ready to assist you.

"Our new space is brighter, with a more cohesive layout that fosters team collaboration — the essence of how we work together here at M&C. The sleek and open design promotes creativity, and will bring M&C into thinking about new ways to better serve our Business Partners and Clients in the future." said Lou Marianacci, President and CEO of M&C Associates.  

We look forward to serving you with continued excellence, and are eager to talk to you from our new headquarters.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the move... or just leave a comment to wish us luck!