IVR Optimization Services

M&C offers IVR Optimization services to help you optimize usability and overall performance of your Interactive Voice Response system.  We will do a complete analysis of your IVR call flow and caller behaviors to understand where and why callers are opting out. We'll provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your application along made to show you how to optimize IVR performance and caller experience.   

IVR Solutions

Once your analysis is complete, M&C can work with you to determine the IVR Solutions best suited for your company. Through IVR Optimization, it's easy and cost effective to identify application improvements that can be made. The benefits are significant:

  • • Enhanced caller experience - improved caller satisfaction.
    • Increase # of calls handled without adding agents.
    • Reduce hold times
    • Enable current staff to handle more complex, or revenue generating customer calls.
    • Reduction in costs due to human involvement reductions for transactional calls.

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