Avaya Aura Contact Center

As an authorized and certified Avaya reseller with extensive experience in call center and self-service deployments, we provide a complete range of products and services to meet the demands and challenges of today's contact center environments.


Avaya Voice Portal

Avaya Voice Portal is a self-service platform that brings together the power of web services and IP telephony to create powerful, profitable, and satisfying speech and touch-tone solutions. Voice Portal enables enterprises to harness sophisticated voice and speech enablement technologies to increase deployment of self-service automation capable of serving global, international, and multi-lingual customers. It allows organizations to speech-enable new services and web applications across their existing IT infrastructure. 

Media Processing Server (MPS) 500

Media Processing Server (MPS) is the ideal self-service solution for both Enterprises and Service Providers. This full-featured, competitively priced solution provides an advanced suite of capabilities, including a full portfolio of Advanced Speech solutions, VoiceXML, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Native interfaces enable the MPS 500 to seamlessly integrate with Nortel/Avaya and other vendors'CTI solutions for fast, intelligent call routing.

Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 Release 3.5 

Avaya Media Processing Server Release 3.5 reflects a continuing commitment to the Avaya MPS self-service platform — a completely open, protected and scalable client/server-based platform.  Release 3.5 update contains new enhancements including Speech, Application Development, CTI, Signaling, and DBMS/Hosts.

Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 Release 4.1

 The Avaya Media Processing Server (MPS) 4.1 release offers significant improvements over MPS 3.5 including MPS 4.1 runs on more powerful late-model Solaris and Windows servers and MPS 4.1 runs on the Windows 2008 R2 64-bit operating system.


VPS Series

The VPS was the premier IVR solution from Periphonics/Nortel in the mid 1990s and is now regarded as End of Life by Nortel/Avaya.

If your plans are to stay on the VPS platform for the near term, M&C can help you extend its operational life and protect your current IVR investment.  Learn more about the services we offer for the VPS.

Avaya Speech Server

The Avaya Speech Server (formerly known as OSCAR) is a state-of-the-art speech processing platform that integrates popular speech technologies into the Media Processing Server (MPS) Series portfolio. Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Text-to-Speech and Speaker Verification are time-tested tools that can improve customer service and reduce operating expenses. Avaya has partnered with global leaders in speech technology to enhance our market-leading self service and media processing systems and, going beyond Text-to-Speech, we have developed an Internet Audio Server engine that supports playback of Internet audio files such as .wav, .mp3 and .au from web URLs.