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Industry Report Paints a Rosy Picture for Speech - 1/23
Global Industry Analysts projects that the speech technology industry will grow to $20.9 billion by 2015.
Speech Technology, January 13, 2011  

The Strategic Guide to IVR Investments in Carrier Environments
Ovum, August 2010

IVR Optimization: A Small Investment for a Great Payback 
Connections Magazine, By Donna Fluss, October 2010

IVR to the Rescue!  
A Benchmarking Study of 2010 Enterprise, Contact Center and IT Priorities and the Critical Role of IVRs in Achieving These Goals
DMG Consulting, January 2010

Using Voice Self-Service to Enhance the Customer Experience for Health Care Insurance Companies 
DMG Consulting, March 2010

Automated Lines' Softer Tone
Companies Alter the Voices on Customer-Service Systems - From 'Cold' to 'Homey'
Wall Street Journal,  November 1, 2010

Verifying Your Customers' Identity - How This Can Save You Money
Speech Technology, March/April 2010

Remember Me?
IVRs can-or at least should-develop memories when it comes to past and present interactions.
Speech Technology, July 2009

Measuring IVR Performance
Task completion rate is the metric that matters most when evaluating IVR performance and return on investment.

Identifying Opportunities for Speech Applications in a Shifting Market (Market Focus)
Datamonitor, June 2007

Hosted Speech and Outbound IVR Services (Strategic Focus)
Datamonitor, June 2008

They Called Me! How Interactive Outbound Speech is Revolutionizing Customer Service  - 1/22
Jamison Consulting, August 2008  

Vendor Ratings / Market Share Reports

MarketScope for IVR Systems and Enterprise Voice Portals
Gartner Group, July 2010

Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide
Gartner Group, February 2009

North American IVR Systems Market
Frost & Sullivan, 2007

Decision Matrix - Selecting an IP Contact Center Vendor
Datamonitor, February 2009

Global IVR Market
Nimbus, 2009


Interactive Voice Response Systems - A Global industry Outlook  - 1/23
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., January 2011 ($4,500)

North American IVR and Voice Portal Systems Markets   - 1/22
Frost & Sullivan, November 29, 2010  ($6,000)

Automatic Speech Recognition Applications Market 2010-2013  - 1/22
Infiniti Research Limited, December 3, 2010  ($1,800)

The Future of Hosted IVR and Speech Self-service Solutions in North America  - 1/22
Ovum, November 16, 2010  ($895)

Identifying opportunities for network IVR in a changing global landscape - 1/22
Ovum, October 14, 2010 ($895)

Enterprise IVR beyond customer service - 1/22
Ovum, April 6, 2010  ($395)

The emergence of proactive communications in customer service - 1/22
Ovum, September 27, 2010  ($895)

Competitor Reports & White Papers 

The Ins and Outs of Outbound IVR
Voxeo, March 2010

Slashing Costs and Improving Customer Care in Financial Institutions
Voxeo, March 2010

CCXML & the Power of Standards-Based Call Control
Voxeo, March 2010

Measuring IVR Performance
Task completion rate is the metric that matters most when evaluating IVR performance and return on investment.
Tellme, Spring 2010

Help! My Business Users Want Speech Key Technical Questions to Ask Before You Buy Speech Self-Service   - 1/22
Voxify. 20008 

Before You Buy Speech Self-Service: 2 Critical Questions You Need to Ask
Voxify. 20008 

IVR Consolidation
Convergys, 2009